A Unique Door Latch for Baby Proofing Rooms

Adjustable Safety Strap For Parents of Babies & Pets

Ultaca LLC is excited about "Door Buddy", an adjustable door strap that is primarily used to baby proof the cat litter box by keeping the door open wide enough for cats to wander in and out, but narrow enough to restrict baby and toddler access. Door Buddy can be exclusively purchased online at TheDoorBuddy.com or Amazon.com. 

Cat owners with a new baby in the house learning to crawl will inevitably have to answer the question "how do we keep the baby out of the cat's food, water and litter box?" Having the cat food easily accessible is a choking hazard and other than the obvious gross factor, in certain circumstances the baby could become very ill from eating cat feces or clumping cat litter. This is where Door Buddy can help.

Door Buddy is a unique door latch that can baby proof any interior door and will benefit mothers by being a better, easier and more convenient way to keep their babies and toddlers out of the litter box or any unwanted room. Installation takes just seconds and operating the door latch is as easy as inserting and removing the hook which can be done with one hand and from either side of the door. The key feature of Door Buddy that isn't found in any other baby proofing door lock is the adjustability feature. Having the door be adjustable allows cats of all sizes to come through the door while keeping anyone or anything remotely larger outside.

Door Buddy was created by husband & wife team, Scott & Shanelle Johnson, when their 9-month-old daughter became curious about exploring the house and ended up in the cat food and almost in the cat litter box. Horrified with the thought of her daughter coming into contact with something that is unsafe or unclean, the Johnson's created Door Buddy as a way to ensure her child's safety while letting her cat go wherever it pleased.

"Door Buddy is perfect for parents who are tired of fighting the baby gate every time they have to do laundry, go into the bathroom, or enter the closet to change the cat's food, water or litter box" said Shanelle Johnson. "It is just a simple, safe, and cost-effective solution to a common problem." In addition to being a child safety door lock, Door Buddy can also be used to prevent the common problem of dogs getting into the cat's litter box. Using Door Buddy can keep any dog that is larger than the house cat out of the room with the litter box.

About Ultaca LLC

Ultaca LLC is a family owned company that produces simple products that make the lives of parents and pet owners easier. The about us page on their website discusses what they are about and the products they offer.