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Ultaca Brands

       Ultaca is built on bringing to market unique brands & products formed specifically to make life for pet owners and new parents a little bit easier! We currently manufacture and distribute the brands Door Buddy®, Wittle Products®, & TabbyWag® Pet Supplies.

     Ultaca’s flagship brand and product Door Buddy was launched in 2015 and has helped hundreds of thousands of families throughout North America, Canada, and Europe to solve the age old problem of how to keep your dog/baby out of the cat’s litter box. They say necessity is the mother of invention and that is exactly how the Door Buddy came to be. Litter Boxes, cat food, and the water bowl all seemed to be magnets for our little one. A child gate seemed like a solution but was more trouble that it was worth. A fruitless online search led us to conclude that there needed to be a cost-effective easy solution. After much brainstorming the Door Buddy was born. Easy to install and easy to use, Door Buddy keeps your dogs and little ones out of places they shouldn’t be and still allows your cat to have easy access to his litter box, food, and water! We proudly make Door Buddy here within the USA.

     Wittle Baby Products launched in 2016 Provides premium quality baby safety products that parents can trust! As an American and parent owned brand, Wittle takes the safety, security and protection of their customers’ little ones as seriously as they take it for their own little ones. The Wittle mission is to create premium quality baby safety products that are easy to use, conveniently tackle the problem, and provide parents with peace of mind.


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