WBPAC, LLC Acquires the Wittle Baby Brand

WBPAC Acquires Wittle Baby Brand From Ultaca
WBPAC, LLC has acquired the Wittle Baby Safety Products Brand from Ultaca LLC.

Wittle LLC Changes Legal Company Name

Wittle LLC changes company name to Ultaca LLC
Wittle LLC announced this week that they will officially be changing its name from Wittle LLC to Ultaca LLC as of December 18, 2017.

House Training A New Puppy

House Training Your New Puppy
When it comes to house training a brand new puppy, there are various schools of thought you might want to consider.

A Unique Door Latch for Baby Proofing Rooms

Unique door latch for baby or pet proofing homes
Ultaca LLC is excited about "Door Buddy", an adjustable door strap that is primarily used to baby proof the cat litter box by keeping the door open wide enough for cats to wander in and out, but narrow enough to restrict baby and toddler access.

10 Best Finger Pinch Guards of 2017

Best Finger Pinch Guards for Baby Proofing of 2017
Wittle's Finger Pinch Guard grabs the number 4 spot on the top 10 countdown list of the best finger pinchers on the market. Wittle pinch guard do...